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The Stand- Valencia,CA

I was passing by and saw this big orange sign. It said now open! I usually don't come over to the side of the Valencia mall so I was pleasantly surprised to see this Burger joint serving American cuisine.

Parking: It's the day after Christmas, there was no parking which is to be expected. I was able to find park down the hill. They do also provide valet parking if you do not wanna take a walk but I say you know what, I'm about to eat this burger and fries, so let's get some exercise in before.

The atmosphere is very nice. It's a little loud but that's expected because people are bringing their families and/or friends, they have several TV's on to watch different sports.

They have an array of beverages. They have Agua Fresca's, as well as Blueberry lemonade.

They have a variety of desserts, shakes, fries, and burgers.

They also have a good variety of salads so if someone doesn't want to eat a burger, they have options as well. End result : Everybody can get something and enjoy their meal all at the same time and not have to stop several places.

Only open three months per the cashier. Who was also very pleasant , greeted me with a smile and gave me the run down on all the deliciousness they have to offer.

Be prepared to wait for you food. It's a new place and many people are off of work due to the Holiday and kids being out of school.

Wait time to get to the cashier to order: Six to Eight minutes, as soon as I ordered and looked behind me, there was a line almost at the door.

They do offer booster seats for children which is a plus

Bathrooms : Very clean. It is a double plus

They have an A health grade rating

Can't wait to see them excel and have great success.

Covered Outdoor dining seating available. That's also a plus because it is getting colder and the rain will be coming shortly.

The Ultimate Egg Burger and fries were amazing!!


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