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The Peppered Goat- Van Nuys, CA

The Peppered Goat

Hours: Mon- Sat 12pm-8pm

Parking: Available around the corner on the side of building

Outdoor dining available: Two benches in the parking lot (Not Covered)

Entrance: Please note it says push to enter. I can’t tell you how many people was pulling the door to get in. Save yourself the headache and READ. Same applies when exiting. It says pull and people were still pushing to exit . (Shame moment … I did it too and saved others )

Restrooms: Not open to the public.

Winner 2022 Jollof Rice African Festival in Los Angeles

(Slow cooker rice 🍚, red sauce packed with flavors)

Nigeria 🇳🇬 Stand Up! That rice was unbelievable! Scrumptious ! The flavors were on another level! This is my new favorite rice! You can buy this and turn it into all kinds of meals! He is a dangerous cook that will make you fall in love immediately!!!!!!

Fufu : Pounded Yam (eat with the egusi) use as your utensil.

Egusi Soup: Ground Melon in Tasty Sauce w/African Spices. Omgoodness I can’t believe I have never tried this.m before. It was so amazing packed with flavor! Once you taste it, you will not want to share

Fried plantains were fried perfectly! Delicious!

Stewed Goat- Tender and delicious, flavors are power packed! You can compare to almost a short rib for texture. Not gamey at all like I imagined, my first time trying this and I’m hooked!!!!!

Make sure you support this local small business!

He is definitely in to a masterpiece Take out restaurant!!!!

Follow @Tasteandseesocal for mouthwatering food food


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