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Thai Chefs Cuisine. Saugus, CA

I went to this family owned Thai cuisine location in Saugus California in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The parking is limited with the ratio of businesses in this small shopping center. You may need to look for parking but it is worth waiting for a park.

I went inside it was very cozy and inviting. I went during lunchtime.

I ordered the butterfly pea tea, a beautiful hue of blue, it tastes something like chamomile tea but lemonade at the same time it’s very delicious no sweetener needed it was perfect as it was.

I ordered the yellow curry lunch special and I added shrimp with the chicken because I wanted to see the combination and how it turned out.

I love Thai curry specifically over any curry I’ve ever tasted from any cuisine. I love the flavors, I love how they pair it with the russet potato, sweet onion and then they have of course the carrots. The steamed rice cooked perfectly. It also came with a fresh salad to complete the lunch.

The gentleman who took my order as well as served my food was very attentive. He came to check on me just to make sure I was okay. You don’t get that much.

I would definitely be back here to try several of the other options.

They have a great line of items for vegans and vegetarian‘s: Soy chicken, Soy beef , Tofu and Mushroom.

Support small businesses and make sure you stay connected with your community


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