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Sugar Tacos-Sherman Oaks

As I walked up to the venue it was very beautiful and colorful which immediately caught my eye. There is a patio for you to sit outside and enjoy the California breeze in the sun and get some fresh air and they also have it available for you to have your pets with you so bring your fur babies!

I was very captivated by the aroma that I smelled when walking into the location the staff was very friendly and immediately greeted me with smiles asking me if I had any questions as this was my first time.

I saw the churro donuts and the pumpkin spice glaze donuts, very fresh and 100% vegan.

Agua Fresca's: limited time for this month is the Pumpkin spice horchata the regular Horchata and I believe it was Hibiscus.

All their Horchata is made with rice and oat milk which is 100% vegan, which I need because I am lactose intolerant but that's a whole other story.

The food was amazing I had the three taco plate: Carne Asada, Fish and Pollo with black beans were delicious the rice was cooked perfectly.

I also enjoyed a churro donut and I enjoyed greatly the pumpkin spice Horchata. It's only there for a limited time so make sure you get it. On my way out I decided to get a potato cheese taco.

I am not vegan but I will definitely be back here to enjoy some food with some of my vegan friends and I am definitely not missing the meat at this location.


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