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Perfect Storm- Redondo Beach

I wanted to try this place out because I saw them on Instagram so I took the drive through the 405 traffic to end up in Redondo Beach.

A great thing is it is very close like walking distance to the beach and they have free parking. They also have metered parking if you don't want to park underneath the Shopping center.

As you go up the elevator they have a great sign showing their weekend brunch menu, you can take time to view that quickly as you come up the elevator from parking underground.

When you exit there is the perfect storm door which is open Wednesday through Sunday.

They recently did a merger with Table manners but now they are one location under the name Perfect Storm.

Exiting the elevator, I walked out to the front of the suite and they had a lot of outdoor seating which is perfect to get to enjoy the sun the cooler breeze because it close to the beach.

I chose to sit outdoor because again where I'm from it's very hot and dry so to get this breeze was beautiful.

We were quickly acknowledged and it was right during happy hour, which was a plus so we got to try several items:

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich: Had a brioche bun and it was spicy but the flavors for good. If you like spicy , you will like that.

Social Nachos: Very delicious! The fresh tortilla chips had black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream variety of cheese, and red onion.

Loaded Tater Tots : Very delicious! Tater Tots cooked perfectly, bacon, variety of cheeses,red onion which are very good.

Lobster Roll with Truffle fries: The lobster roll could've used just a little more lobster the toasted bun was perfect.

I did notice when Table Manners server this at the same location they gave two Lobster rolls, since the conversion perfect storm has reduced the quantity to one.

The truffle fries were delicious and seasoned perfectly

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with Penne pasta: The lobster portion was good, the cheese sauce was a little bland. It needed a little more seasoning and more cheese to thicken the sauce that it was served in. If this can be accomplished, it will taste much better.

I will definitely be back to try the all you can eat lobster in the future.

I do recommend you trying this place out because they have so much to offer that I wasn't able to try during the visit.


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