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Paynefully Sweet-Valencia,CA

I love sweets and home made cookies are one of the best things created. I found Paynefully Sweet through social media. They are online catering company that specializes in decadent cookies in variety of flavors. Being the foodie that I am and seeing the pictures, I wanted to be able to experience their version of the best cookies ever.

I placed the order online they were quick to respond had a great customer service and give you the option to get two different flavors per dozen that doesn't ever happen.

They have seasonal flavors throughout the year and because it is fall season, I chose the pumpkin spice snickerdoodles and the original chocolate chip cookies.

They were both fantastic. You can even freeze these cookies y'all. The flavor was intense. The ingredients they use have to be top notch because you could taste the difference between them and the others.

I strongly recommend this company. It is vital that we support support small business and support locally owned businesses.

Here is some additional informaron regarding the company:

Shari and Ryan Payne are the couple behind Paynefully Sweet!

Their mission is to bake the world a better place one cookie at a time.

Paynefully Sweet ultimately loves baking and creating delicious desserts for friends and family and are honored to be able to share with our community. The next goal for the company is to get involved in local community events (ie. SC Farmers Market, Artistic Exchange Market, and cater events).


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