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Mr. Fries Man- Valencia,CA

I wanted to try Mr. Fries due to all the Instagram pictures. Boy on boy, what social media and advertising will do to you.

I walked into the location. It was nice and clean and the owner and staff was very inviting.

The owner walked me through the menu and showed me the customers favorites.

I chose three customer favorite options below :

Lemon Shrimp and Crab fries : Excellent flavor with the lemon and the garlic . The shrimp were a nice size, the crab was delicious and they give you a lot of toppings.

Honey Garlic Shrimp and Steak: MY Favorite!!!!! The combination of the honey and garlic tossed in the well seasoned stream and shrimp over that bed of fries that can hold shade and the ample amount of toppings, made my heart smile.

BBQ Ranch Bacon and Chicken : This is for people who love ALOT of sauce! It was way too much for me but this is obviously a crowd pleaser .

Try them out , grab an order or two. The regular size is enough for two people.

Some say it's expensive but for the quality of ingredients and the amount of ingredients you receive it is priced very well.


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