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Martino’s Bakery- Burbank, CA

While working in Corporate America years ago, Someone brought in these tiny little treats that looked pretty but I wasn’t sure about them. The person told me once you eat one you will never be able to stop.

Fast forward 10 years later and regardless of the increase in prices due to a of course the rise of cost of food, I will never stop coming to this beautiful little spot in Burbank.

The taste of this Tea cake and the customer service has not changed. Still profesional and nice each visit.

They’re open six days a week and they have decent hour to be able to get there before work or if close by during lunch. If not you can catch them on Saturday.

Parking: Limited parking but the point is, it’s worth it . You can park on the street or if you are blessed enough to get a spot that is also good.

There are times when you go in and it’s empty because people are ordering everything they have for last minute wedding desserts, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, pot lucks and family gatherings during the holidays.

If you want to have a variety of dessert options all at once, this is a place to go to.

They have so many options, see below:

Cake pop balls




Freshly squeezed orange juice they have the machine there on site

Lattes and Hot Chocolate

Seating availability: Very clean area where they have tables set up indoor as well as outside enjoy the sun and enjoy your treats.

They also have options of certain cookies and certain things that are already packed in bulk and you can just grab an add to your order.

However, the only thing that matters to me the most is their original tea cakes. The cake is so moist and so soft and full of flavor. The glaze is amazing. It’s like maple vanilla glaze that just melts in your mouth when you take a bite, it’s always smooth, never clumpy. You will not be able to eat one. You will want to eat a whole dozen.

I’m telling you give them a try today and forever keep small businesses going that produce quality product.

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