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Fixins Soul Kitchen- LA

As I walked up to the location, I noticed they had beautiful outdoor seating available. When I walked in the hostess was very nice and asked if I wanted to sit inside or outside. We chose to sit inside to get the full experience of being in the restaurant.

We were seated very quickly, even though it was during lunch hour which is a major plus.

The waiter came to assist us and he was very nice as well. He walked me through all the popular options as well as guided me toward some of his favorite entrees as he does work here.

We sipped on some of their top non alcoholic beverages one being the homemade lemonade which tastes like your grandmother's would from the south. It was delicious. We also had the blue Kool-Aid, yes they had Kool-Aid it's like it brought me back to my childhood. Both were a hit that came in mason jars.

They also had some wonderful signs up that reminded me of my grandmother from the cooking with the Crisco oil to the Kool-Aid to just all sorts of lovely memories.

Unlike most soul food places that I have visited in the past, it did not take forever for the food to come out. This place runs this restaurant like an top notch pre-prepping quality restaurant.

We got our food quickly, the temperatures were peeping hot and the food was great.

We tried the oxtail (smothered in an delectable gravy), side of macaroni and cheese that made me want to slap everyone, it was so good, greens with smoked turkey were seasoned well and we also tried the vegan greens.

The chicken and waffle were delicious.

The yams were well seasoned and delicious you could taste the cinnamon and hints of nutmeg.

The deviled (Angel) eggs was deeper fried with bacon on top. Never had that before and it was one of the spot lights of my trip there .

There is parking close by right around the corner for a very reasonable price all in the proximity of the center

This place had a wonderful vibe an atmosphere. The music made me feel like I was in the early 2000s as a young woman and I enjoyed every minute of it. They also have a bar for those that you like to partake in that grown up juice.

I strongly recommend this place to everyone and I would definitely be back to get a lot of their other items as well.


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