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Every Table- Chatsworth

I was excited to try out this new spot called every table in Chatsworth, California off of Mason. They recently opened back in August of this year is what I was told.

As soon as you walked in, it was so inviting I love the paintings on the walls and the pictures.

I love the set up although you cannot warm up the hot items they have available for you to purchase, you're able to at least take part in enjoying some of the salads in the cold items and you can sit down and eat there if you would like or you could take it to go.

They also have delivery options available through their company so they don't use like a Uber or a Lyft company DoorDash. They have their actual drivers that can deliver to your home fresh meals.

The goal is for you to be healthy at affordable prices. You could pick up and go just like you would do any fast food place. I can appreciate that in these days and times, we have to get better and healthy together.

Parking: Ample parking

Great variety of food and drinks

Clean inside

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