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Dirt dogs-Pasadena,CA

Let me start off by saying this… if you want a good hot dog, come here and look no further. I visited the location in Pasadena.

It was easy to find, please be aware it is on a one-way street so like downtown LA. They do have public parking which is reasonably priced. They also have metered street parking available.

Upon entering the location, immediately my senses where filled with the aroma of wonderful hotdogs and fries in and all the things that they provide it. It brought me back to my teenage years, yes I am a 90s teenage baby so that was the era of West Coast hip-hop. They had a beautiful mural of Tupac, Biggie and Eazy-E. On another wall most recently Kobe Bryant. I thought that was a beautiful tribute to them. They also had the music going which just brought up so many memories.

Menu: Digital Menu- Beautiful pictures to visualize and get your mouth ready to partake in their food.

I love the fact that they have two options for their hotdogs they have the option of the regular hotdog bun and the lobster roll bun which is delicious. I recommend y’all get the lobster roll bun with your hotdogs and it just made that hotdog wonderful.

All of their hotdogs are bacon wrapped but you can opt out of that you just need to let them know which is a great option.

Vegetarian Option: Veggie dog available which is great for people that don’t eat regular meat, so you can bring your friends that are vegan or vegetarian and get that version of that veggie hotdog

Desserts: Deep-fried Oreos, Churros, and they have Cheesecake on a stick in various flavors.

They have an array of items, like is like you’re going to a Street food festival, but it’s located inside an actual dine in spot. Where you can sit down, eat good food, listen to music and have the whole 90’s vibes.

Customer Service: The customer service was great. The person that took my order was nice, friendly and very knowledgeable of the menu. She provided me the popular items to try. There was also a repeat customer waiting behind me and provided the same selection that she gave which means she knows what she is talking about so these are the items that I ordered.

The Patty melt: That thing was on fire, amazing the texture of the the lobster roll bread with that bacon wrapped hotdogs, the cheese, fries on it was just a beautiful combination y’all.

Filthy fries: Let me tell you, the Latino flavors with these fries were amazing.

Deep fried Oreo: I never had this before, I’ve seen fairs, so I decided to try it out, I cut open that deep fried Oreos with a side of Horchata dipping sauce. It was let me tell you bananas! Amazing! Taste like a hot chocolate gooey cake y’all, and then you dip it into the Horchata whipping cream and it was like ice cream and hot cake together.

Churro: I didn’t even get a picture y’all. I didn’t want to be embarrassed and have sugar and cinnamon all over, so I ate that as I walked out but it was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t hard, it was nice soft in the center, great amount of cinnamon sugar on the outside which made it perfect.

Make sure you go to this place immediately, when I say immediately, I mean immediately y’all and partake in this goodness.


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