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Broad Street Oyster Co Malibu, CA

As I cruised down Pacific Coast Highway, I stopped by this beautiful hidden gem called Broad Street Oyster Co. located in Malibu, California.

Note: They also have a coffee and ice cream shop that is visible and then this location is right around the corner in the same shopping center towards the back.

As you head down the walk way you will see the entrance and the beautiful décor.

Customer Service: Being that it was my first time and seeing a sign that stated, “Wait hereto be served,” I waited patiently with anticipation of experiencing their famous Lobster Roll.

There was one lady inside of the location being helped and when she was finished placing her order, I waited as a sign instructed me to do and the two young girls behind the register continued to talk to each other and did not call me inside, after about 20 seconds which may seem short but was longer than it should have taken for them to call me over or acknowledge me, was the only issue I had. Being a little more attentive would be great.

Other than that the ordering process was seamless as they had menus outside the location to take and review prior to ordering.

I ordered the famous Lobster roll and french fries to go. They do offer outdoor seating which is really nice and it’s covered so if it is hot you will have shade.

They provided me with a buzzer to alert me when my order was ready. They also have a friendly person at the pick up window with a bull horn ready to call your name, in case you weren’t paying attention which I thought was really cute.

Upon picking up my order, it was in a nice bag sealed properly specially with all the Covid activity has going on, the past two years which I thought that was a plus.

I headed down Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at the Beach and enjoyed some free vitamin D from the sun, relaxed to the sounds of the ocean and the calmness of enjoying my food and watching the dolphins close to the shore.

I will definitely be back to this location and will try out other items.


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