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Baracoa Cuban Restaurant- Palmdale, California

I was in the mood for some good Cuban food on this beautiful Monday. I dread having to drive all the way down to Los Angeles for some good food with flavor so I checked on Yelp and BAM! I was able to find a place in Palmdale, opposite of traffic, constant braking and the stress of just sitting on the freeway. I digress.

I arrived to the eatery located in an medical shopping center. You would never know it was here. What a hidden gem, I almost want to keep it a secret.

Parking: Ample parking available.

Located pretty close to the Antelope Valley Mall.

As you walk up to the location it is very inviting with the mini palm trees and the stone trail.

With pure intention I arrived shortly after opening to avoid crowds to have a more intimate dining experience.

I was directed to a cozy booth in the corner.

Love the red decor and all the beautiful paintings inside.

Bathroom: Very clean and smelled very nice

The waitstaff was pleasant and friendly. Available immediately when needed.

Now to the food:

Papas Rellenas: Outside crispy, inside soft mashed potatoes with meat filling. The flavor was good, wished there was more filling. That would take it to the next level

Surf and Turf: Oxtail and Shrimp- Oxtail were tender and delicious. The shrimp were a great size and cooked perfectly.

Rice: I was shocked just looking at it can fool you as a typical white steamed white rice. OMGOODNESS! When you put that rice in your mouth, your taste buds are going to dance! The flavor used to bring this rice together was amazing! Do not sleep on that rice.

Black Beans: Wonderful addition to compliment the meal, perfect Cuban seasoned beans which are one of my favorites.

Fried Plantains- Amazing! They are thick sliced, sweet (ripe) and the glaze on these beautifies caused a party to take place in my mouth. I could eat a whole plate of those alone.

This meal alone can feed two people comfortably.

Tour De Cuba: It comes with 3 meat options and I chose the following :

Lechon Asado- Juicy shredded beef. I had so much food left over , I ended up using this in burritos for the hubby, when I got home and He LOVED the meat.

Pollo Encendido: Tender chicken thigh meat with great flavor as well.

Vaca Frita- Now this crispy beef was the star of the show to me! I can eat an entire plate of this too, throw it on a bed of their rice or beans to make my day.

The entire trip was lovely and worth it!

Support this small but popular location.

They not only survived during the pandemic by providing quality take out adapting to the new normal.

Listed on The Dining Choice directory!

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